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Designing infographic for lore enthusiasts in the Artifact & DOTA2 gaming community. This visualization gives a simplified bird's eye view of a complex story in a clear and concise form.


  • The DOTA2 universe has rich and vibrant lore. With 100+ characters each with their own back story, friends and rivalries making the overall story convoluted

  • The stories are also not told directly. Instead, they are given out in fragments, in the form of voice lines, flavor texts, item descriptions and other mediums comics, making the story difficult to follow.
DOTA2 Heroes Grid


Design an engaging infographic that makes story accessible to the general audience

Design Process


Information Gathering

Artifact Cards have flavor text, descriptions of that character and it's lore.


We go through all the 100 cards and also the supplementary cannon sources like DOTA2 comics 'Prelude' & 'Call to Arms' to get a complete picture.


Information that was too specific to the characters, inconclusive and irrelevant to the story's plot was excluded.
I also reached out to lore experts in the DOTA2 community (SirActionsSlacks & AngerMania ) to ensure that all significant story elements were included in my preliminary data before moving on to the design step.


As most of the story events take place in the distant past, I decided to go with the 'old map' aesthetic.
In addition, I also added some additional visual elements to improve the representation of marks like adding character icons to make data "glanceable" while adding just a little chaos to make it more visually engaging.

Community Reception

The infographic was well received within the community

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