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  • Victuals

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    Design • UX Research

    SaaS to manage human-milk banking operations

  • Discord

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    Design • UX Research

    User Study on using Discord for academic collaboration


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    Writing • UX Research

    Advances and challenges in cross-immersive analytics

  • Tracne

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    Writing • UX Research

    Improving adherence among acne vulgaris patients

  • Breed

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    Design • Game Design

    Two player co-op card game about saving endangered species

  • Artifact

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    Writing • Design • Game Design

    Story lines of DOTA 2 & Artifact at a glance

  • Three js • React • Design • Game Design

    Winning submission to Three js challenge

  • Three js • React • Design • Game Design

    Collision physics game using R3F

04/About Me


I’m a Product Designer with Computer Science Background. This enables me to approach problems through multiple techinical and non-techincal lenses inorder to blend feasible technology and research-backed design to turn complex challenges into practical, user-centric solutions.

Although generalist, my current focus is on browser based 3D and healthcare. This interest drove me to co-found Victuals in March '23, where we make tools to support human-milk banking operations in hospitals across India.

More than design

While pursuing my Master's in Human Computer Interaction, I continued learning React, Three.js, and D3.js and used them to design and build advanced interactions beyond the 2D plane. This took my experience of using creator tools to experience in building them.

Outside of Work

Since 2014, I’ve volunteered with a healthcare NGO, collaborating with healthcare professionals and engineers. This has offered invaluable insights into the intersection of healthcare and technology at a grass root level.

Other than that, I love board games, follow DOTA2 e-sports and play Zerg.

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w/ Dr.Ben Shneiderman at UMD HCI Lab

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Pitching at UMD's Dingman Pitch Competetion

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During my time at the healthcare NGO

Always looking for new learning opportunities and challenges 

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