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I'm Sourabh Mane, a design engineer with a background in computer science focusing on browser based 3D & data-driven design.

Over the last ten years, I've designed for an AI product, built creative tools and have been actively involved in organizations promoting startups & healthcare.

In March '23, I co-founded Victuals and led its design. Since then Victuals is deployed at 5 hospitals across India.

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With interest for front-end magic and creative libraries like Three.js, D3.js, and Framer Motion, I'm all about crafting interactive prototypes that break off from the 2D plane of Figma.

My blend of design, engineering, and community work means I tackle problems from every angle, cooking up user-centric solutions that are technically sound.

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I love to build and see things go from nothing to self sustained systems. In addition to co-founding a company, delivering multiple community projects I'm also a member of Startup Shell , a student run startup incubator at the University of Maryland. (UMD).

Since 2014, I’ve volunteered with a healthcare NGO, collaborating with healthcare professionals and students helping me further understand how tech products are perceived and operated by users to a grass root level.

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w/ Dr.Ben Shneiderman at UMD HCI Lab

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Pitching at a Startup Competition's top 5

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Delivering lecture at a three day workshop during my time at the healthcare NGO

More than work ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

I'm a games enthusiast who fights over Catan and tries not to spend too much on Steam sales. Some say I consume too much YouTube drama, some also say that I make the 3rd best masala tea in the world.

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