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My Role

Lead Product Designer

Front-end Developer


16 people across 3 departments


iOS & Android

Timeline & Status

Feb '22 – Jan '23


Building interface for a bilingual conversational AI companion targeted towards pregnant and new mothers to improve their health information uptake

In process of writing this case study. Thank you for your patience


This NIH funded research led by the UMD School of Public Health was started in Summer of 2021 i.e roughly one and a half year before the release of ChatGPT.
As such, the design, the development and other aspects of the research were completely independent and not influenced by the popular AI apps of current time in any capacity


Help new mothers with 24/7 accurate health and wellness information delivered through an AI-based companion named “Rosie.”


  • Designed user interfaces for new features

  • Designed graphic elements like Rosie icon and Rosie emoticons

  • Developed mobile application's front-end for Android and iOS

  • Setup and maintained the deployment pipeline to Apple & Google app stores


Implemented and tested several features including data collection methods to improve prompt responses, daily syllabus & notification system to improve engagement with Rosie. Prepared pipeline to deploy to app stores and documented steps to maintain it for duration of the clinical trial.

As the research is currently ongoing & considering its nature, I am unable to disclose more information publicly. Please reach out to me personally to learn more about my work & the project.

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