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Designing a web-based game analytics framework for rendering 3D telemetry from the flight simulator in a live 3D player, incorporating many of the data displays and visualizations requested by the players. We then evaluate the framework with real mission data from several air-to-air engagements involving the virtual squadron


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Desktop & VR browsers


Aug '22 — Present


Operating racing and flight simulators is hard, it takes extensive time and learning just to even get started.

Combat flight simulation in particular is considered “study-level,” which means that players are expected to have to read detailed manuals to perform even simple procedures, ranging from merely starting up or shutting down the aircraft, to taking off and landing as well as engaging weapons.

Analyzing 3D telemetry data collected from sessions can support players in improving performance as well as help spectators in viewing data-driven narratives of the gameplay.

Tacreel Process

Responsibilities & Contribution

  • Conducted pre and post user studies to understand user requirements and get feedback

  • Designed & developed the tool. Conducted user evaluation & re-iterated based on the findings


To address the needs of 3D telemetry analysis of players, we built TacReel, a web-based 3D visualization tool that allows virtual pilots to explore, analyze, and share combat flight simulator telemetry data.

Tacreel Upload replay

After a session users can simply upload their replay file on Tacreel and start studying their session.
TacReel consists of four main components:

1. Pre-processing Backend
Backend that enables uploading, cleaning, storing and streaming of ACMI and other telemetry files.

Tacreel Player

2. Telemetry player
Enables the playback and analysis of 3D telemetry data.

3. Event timeline
Automatically detects important simulator-specific events in the telemetry reel.

Tacreel Player

4. Reel Director
A data visualization view for editing and constructing highlight reels that summarize long missions

As the research is currently ongoing & considering its nature, we are unable to disclose more information publicly. Please reach out to me personally to learn more about my work & the project.

Tacreel Player
Tacreel Player

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